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TCAdmin is the leading game server control panel designed to streamline the management of game servers. Developed with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces, TCAdmin offers comprehensive control over game server hosting. With its robust architecture, TCAdmin ensures secure and efficient server management, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and users. Why wait any longer? Elevate your platform by incorporating TCAdmin and make game servers a top priority for your community.

Games Supported

TCAdmin is a versatile game hosting platform that provides support for a wide range of games, making it suitable for hosting virtually any game you desire.

Officially, TCAdmin supports the following popular games:

  • Ark Survival Evovled
  • Minecraft
  • Rust
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Valheim
  • Counter-Strike: Global offensive
  • Fivem

However, this is just a small selection from the extensive list of games supported. For a comprehensive list of supported games, you can visit our official website here

Furthermore, TCAdmin offers a vibrant community that has contributed numerous game configurations and templates. These community-made resources can be found here providing even more options to enhance your game hosting experience.