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Debug Mode

Monitor Debugging

To configure the monitor in debug mode edit C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor\TCAdminMonitor.exe.config or /home/tcadmin/Monitor/TCAdminMonitor.exe.config. Change this line:

<add key="TCAdmin.Debug" value="False" />


<add key="TCAdmin.Debug" value="True" />

Stop the monitor service and start it in console mode. When the monitor starts up or a task is executed you should see debug messages.

Website Debugging

To configure the website in debug mode edit ControlPanel\Windows.config or ControlPanel\Linux.config depending on your operating system. Change this line:

<compilation debug="false" strict="true" explicit="true">


<compilation debug="true" strict="true" explicit="true">

Then restart the monitor. When an error occurs you should see the stack trace so we can help you troubleshoot. Also additional information is shown in the footer.