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Override config

To disable or override specific features on a single server create a file named Override.config in /home/tcadmin/Monitor or Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor. The available options are:

  • RestrictedFileNames - The files that will always be restricted. These can't be uploaded, downloaded, modified or deleted. Specify more than one file by separating them with ; Wildcards are supported.
  • RestrictServiceExe - True/False : The service's executable will always be restricted. The file can't be downloaded, modified or deleted.
  • RestrictLinuxExe - True/False : On Linux, all files with execute permissions are restricted. If you set this value to False it is recommended that you set RestrictServiceExe to True and use the game's File System Permissions and restrict access to the game's main executables.
  • DisableServiceChanges - True/False : Prevent a service's executable file and paths from being changed in the service settings.
  • DisableNewService - True/False : Prevent manual service creation.
  • DisableCustomFtpDirectories - True/False : Disable custom FTP directories for all users.
  • DisableScripts - True/False : It is not recommended to disable this feature. Disable execution of scripts that execute on install, uninstall and other events for this server.
  • DisableUnsafeTasks - True/False : Disable creation of recurring tasks that can be unsafe (database backup, ftp upload, etc).
  • DisableDownloads - True/False : Disables automatic download of files from external servers.
  • AllowedLinkPaths - Paths separated by semicolon. List of paths allowed for symlink targets. Wildcards are supported


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" standalone="yes"?>
<add key="RestrictedFileNames" value="" type="System.String,mscorlib" />
<add key="RestrictServiceExe" value="True" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="RestrictLinuxExe" value="True" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableServiceChanges" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableNewService" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableCustomFtpDirectories" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableScripts" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableUnsafeTasks" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="DisableDownloads" value="False" type="System.Boolean,mscorlib" />
<add key="AllowedLinkPaths" value="" type="System.String,mscorlib" />