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Server Components

Learn all the components that are associated with TCAdmin

TCAdmin consists of two major components. The monitor and the service manager. They can run in either service mode or console mode. When a server is restarted the monitor and service manager are started automatically in service mode.


The monitor runs the control panel website, game monitor, task scheduler and FTP services. It also sends and receives commands from other servers that you have configured.

Service Manager

The service manager is in charge of starting the game/voice services automatically after restarting the server. It also receives start/stop commands from the monitor. You can also use the service browser to manage the services from remote desktop or ssh.

Start/Stop in Service Mode

To start/stop a service go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Find the service named TCAdmin 2.0 Monitor or TCAdmin 2.0 Service Manager and stop, start or restart it.

Start/Stop in Console Mode

Console mode is useful for troubleshooting. Enable debugging so you can see additional messages that can be used to figure out why something is not working correctly.

To exit the monitor console enter quit and press enter. To exit the service manager console press enter.


Before starting in console mode make sure it is not running in service mode.

To start a console go to Start > Programs > TCAdmin > Start Monitor Console or Start Service Manager Console.