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Console Wrapper

TCAdminConsoleWrapper.exe reads the output of a console application without redirecting. This is useful if the process crashes with 'Control console's output' enabled. Make sure 'Control console's output' is disabled in the game settings.


  • Copy TCAdminConsoleWrapper.exe from Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor\Tools to the game server's folder. You may use an additional game script to do this.
  • Create this batch script for the after started event with Execute as the service's user checked.
start TCAdminConsoleWrapper.exe -pid=%ThisService_Pid% -output=console.log -followcursor -max
  • In the game's web console configuration:
    • Web Console Output Source: Log file
    • Log File: console.log
  • If the game allows writing commands in the console:
    • Web Console Input Source: Console commands

Save and click on update existing services.

You can run TCAdminConsoleWrapper.exe without a command line to see all available parameters.