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Manage Game & Voice Services

Service Actions

  • Send Email - Send the New Service email to the client.
  • Suspend - Stop and suspend the service.
  • Change Slots - Change the number of slots assigned to the service. Currently this feature will only work if the slots are configured in the command line.
  • Change Owner - Assign the service to a different user. The service's paths will not be changed.
  • Set Billing Info - Set the billing information used to manage the service with the billing api.
  • Reinstall - Reinstall the service. All files will be deleted.
  • Move - Move the service to another server.
  • Delete - Delete the service and files from the server.
  • Detach - This option will remove the service information from the database. The files will not be deleted. Only use this option if the server is permanently offline.

Service Settings

The service settings contains all information required by TCAdmin to manage the game/voice server.

Game Switching

To enable game switching check Enable game switching and select the games that are allowed. After saving you should see the Game Switcher icon in the game server's home page. Enable Game Switcher in the game's feature permissions tab so users have access to the Game Switcher page.

Configuration Files

Manage the service's configuration files. They can be edited in text or with a config editor if available. configuration files for installed mods are added automatically. The user can also add files to the list using the file manager. Simply click on the star next to the file.

Commandline Manager

The commandline manager lets the user change and create commandlines. By default, selecting a commandline will restart the service. To prevent this click on the Don't Restart button.

Predefined Commandlines

Predefined commandlines are configured in the game details. If a predefined commandline has one or more custom variables the user will have to enter the values before applying the commandline.

Custom Commandlines

Custom commandlines allow a user to create his own commandlines. When a commandline is created, only the values that are checked will be added.

The commandline template used is configured in the game details. Default Custom Commandline for public services and Private Custom Commandline for private services. Use the $[Service.UserCommandLine] variable to specify where the user's values will be inserted.

To determine which variables will be used as command line parameters Select the Variables icon in game details. Select or create a custom variable. Configure the options in the Commandline Parameter Options tab.


To apply an update simply click on Install next the update you want to install. Only one update can be applied at a time. The file is extracted to the service's root folder and restarted.

Mod Manager

This feature allows the user to install and uninstall mods. Some mods require the installation of other mods. Others are not compatible with some mods. They can be installed silently after clicking on Install or it will redirect a user to a configuration page. This is configured under the "Mod" icon in the game details.

File Manager

The file manager displays the same files that the user can see when logged in to FTP. It allows the user to edit/delete/create/upload files. To limit what the user can see in the file manager and FTP configure the File System Permissions icon in the game details.

Log Viewer

The log viewer allows a user to download and stream existing log files. Log extensions are configured in the game detail's General Settings tab.

Steam Update

This feature runs hldsupdatetool.exe on the game server's root folder. If the service is running it is restarted.

Punkbuster Update

This feature downloads the latest files from and saved them to the pb folder. If the service is running it is restarted.

Current Activity & Stats

This feature queries the game/voice service and displays the results. if stats are enabled for this game, they are available in the Graphs/History tab. Stats are enabled under the game's Query Monitoring icon.