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Teamspeak Server Configuration

Teamspeak 3

These instructions explain how to create a Teamspeak master server automatically and configure it to create Teamspeak services virtual servers. If you don't have a Teamspeak license you can't create additional Teamspeak services and you can only have one Teamspeak master server per server.

Buy a Teamspeak License

If you don't have a Teamspeak license you will not be able to create additional Teamspeak services. The Teamspeak master server includes one free 32 slot service. You will get a virtualserver limit reached error when creating additional Teamspeak services. You can buy additional licenses here

Install & Configure the Teamspeak 3 Master server

  • Go to Game & Voice Management > Create a Service
  • Select the Create a Voice Service tab and select Other voice server.
  • Select the server where the Teamspeak master will be created.
  • Select Teamspeak 3 Master Server type.
  • Enter the rcon password. This will be your serveradmin password.
  • Click on Create.
  • After the Teamspeak master has been created, if you have a Teamspeak license place the file in the service's root folder and restart the service.
  • Click on "More" and execute the "Install" action. This will configure the teamspeak master under settings > teamspeak servers.
  • If you have a teamspeak license you should be able to create teamspeak services in the "Create a Service" page but this time select "Teamspeak service" instead of "Other voice server".

Prepare the Teamspeak Server for Hosting

If you created the teamspeak server automatically with the instructions from this article this has already been done for you. By default the Teamspeak installation allows your client to edit their slots. Follow these instructions to prevent this

Teamspeak Browser

Use the Teamspeak browser to manage virtual servers even if they are not assigned to a user.

Assign Existing Virtual Server to a User

To assign a virtual server select it from the list. On the right select the user from the list and click on Apply.

Move Player to Different Channel

To move a player to a different channel drag its icon to that channel.

Teamspeak Server Owner

A Teamspeak server can be assigned to a user or reseller. If a user owns the Teamspeak server he is able to create unlimited virtual servers as long as the Teamspeak license allows it. When a Teamspeak server is assigned to a user it is not used by the billing API or by reseller packages.


  • Configure your TSDNS domain(s) as explained here: SERVER ADDRESS RESOLUTION AND TSDNS CHANGES WITH CLIENT 3.1.X
  • Create a TSDNS service
  • Select the TSDNS service. Click on Config Files. Edit domain.txt and add the domains that you configured.
  • Go to settings > teamspeak servers > select the TS server > assign the TSDNS service.
  • Then your client can configure his TSDNS subdomain in his TS service home page.